Life is an opportunity and an experience. These experiences can be negative or positive. We either learn from these experience to either become better us or worse than we were before that situation that is why it is an opportunity to either advance or fall.

You need to find your space and follow your passion. Finding your space is a combination of your talent and personality. 5 questions that leads you to discover your passion.

  • Who am I?
  • What do I do?
  • Why do I do so?
  • Who do I do it for?
  • How do what I do affect people?

You want to be awesome in life,

  • Attitude (Good character, your attitude determines your altitude)
  • Awareness (Be knowledgeable) Do not be an ignoramus
  • Authentic (Do not be a copycat)

“Until you know what you want to become, you cannot become that which you want to become”

“Your belief in you fuels you towards becoming what you are made to be”

“There is no destiny without decision, there is no decision without corresponding determination and there is no determination without a dream” (Dream+Determination+Decision=Destiny) 4D’s of Success

“Since I can overcome a thousand sperms in my mom’s womb to be formed, who can stop God’s plan for my life” I can overcome all challenges.

“You are the only barrier to your success”

Today, songs like ‘I wanna billionaire …..’, “mofe lowobi daddy mi”, “30bn for the account” and we want to get rich quickly, we want to get known as quick as possible but realize something today. “There is no overnight success or wealth, work must have gone underneath the surface whether good or bad”

We are faced with decision making process daily and the choices you make determine whether you become successful in life or not. You want to succeed in life? “make the right choice at the right time  and you can be anything you can dream of”.


Image result for seeing yourself through god's eyes

Becoming begins with seeing yourself the way God sees you and you trusting his plans for your life while working diligently  in accordance to his will. Enough of the folding of hands we do and wish things work alright for us. It already has because God promised to make things work for you (Romans 8:28), you need to get up, walk and work in that reality. Have a grace filled MAY!!!


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