Lessons From Barcelona VS Paris Saint-Germain

Hello guys, quite a while. I’m real sorry it has been this long.

Even if you not a football loving individual, please read this

Something happened in the world of football yesterday and the
greatest comeback in the history of the Champions League. After the first leg 4 nil defeat away to Paris Saint-Germain in France, all left for Barcelona was to play for pride in the second leg at home.

A fortnight ago, morale was down in the Barcelona ranks as they were humbled by the French side. Their head coach was written off and called every name under the sun and among some sects of football loving fans; it triggered the decision of the head coach Luis Enrique to leave the Spanish Giants at the end of the season. During this trying times, Barca players never lost faith in their gaffer. Fast-forward a week before the replay, a new found belief was triggered by the ability of the hearts of the team been closely knit together. It started with a maybe, Luis Enrique the leader he was allowed the belief flow through his system to the players. Hope was rising, belief was building and supporters during the league game on Saturday picked up the chant “Yes we can”. During the pre-match press conference, Enrique said “If PSG can score four, we can score six” and they did just that. Prior to that he had mentioned pressing hard, knowing we (Barcelona) have nothing to lose and all to gain.

After 49 minutes, goals from Suarez, own goal from Kurzawa and a Messi’s penalty had put Barcelona 3-0 up but then PSG scored through Cavani a setback but they never stopped believing. It was as if the “we can” chants throughout the week were ringing in the ears of the players. With the score 3-5 on aggregate in favor of PSG as at the 85th minute, hope was fizzling out. In the 88th minute, Barcelona won a free-kick which Neymar dispatched wonderfully. This set the pace for seven (7) crazy agonizing minutes for PSG as a Neymar’s penalty in the 90th min and Roberto’s goal in the 95th sent the Nou Camp into frenzy as the game ended 6-1 and 6-5 on aggregate in favor of Barcelona.

If you have the privilege to see Barcelona players and fans all over the world celebrate the victory. You will know that joy comes from achieving goals. “It was an incredible night; we won a game that I thought was impossible. But when you have a team made up of champions, who have won titles, everything is possible.” – Luis Enrique after the match.

Some salient lessons for us to learn

  1. No matter what the past is like, tomorrow can be better.
  2. People can look down on your ability as a person but never give up on your potential they do not have an idea about.
  3. Never lose faith in your Gaffer (God) even in difficult times.
  4. Locate people of the same ideology with you and make them chant up (if there is anything like that) your belief.
  5. Remember in your journey of life, taking risk leaves you with nothing to lose and all to gain. Do not seat in your comfort zone, venture out, and take risk.
  6. The joy and fulfillment that comes from achieving is incredible and you can never understand if you don’t try.
  7. When you start, expect hiccups, failures, embarrassments but do not give in to them, try and try and try and try again.
  8. Have a team of champions consisting of the Gaffer (God), the Gaffer’s wisdom (Jesus), The Reminder (the Holy Spirit), mentors and role models (experienced ones), young minds (same ideology) and EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Have a great weekend ahead of you. Happy New Month!!!


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