Rewrite The Story

                                                                                    Favour Chidumebi Ononiwu

(Singing) Now it’s different, Yes it’s O so different now….. I was full of joy and life as I walked towards the hostel. The sister walking with me suddenly nudged me and whispered look and then I turned to see that all eyes were on me as I walked along the path. At first I became concerned but nothing could stop that joy that I felt and as they could not fathom the reason for my happiness at this point, I did not mind and continued singing.

Some minutes later I was in my room and after saying thanks, I sat trying to make sense of what just happened. Today is Wednesday and as usual I went for church service but little did I know that I was going to leave a different woman than I used to be. Looking back at that day, I was in church because it had become a point of duty. I was even a chorister and a member of the prayer band and outwardly I was an example for others to follow.

Every time I did wrong I always had a good reason. I always had explanation; I could stand up to you and make you see things from my point of view. Juniors looked up to me, seniors came to me for advice but inside of me I was foul, miserable and unhappy. I was scared to let people know who the real me was because I would lose face. All I needed was somebody who could see down into the depths of my heart and heal my broken-heart. I was in need of one that will fellowship with me and tell me it was alright to make mistake. I hear every day about Jesus but I never experienced his love and power.

My flesh in the past had given me a bad name which will soon catch up with me in this place that I feel dejected, worried because soon I will be exposed for who I am and nobody will love me. As I sat in service that evening I was desperately in search of answers and my bowels were in discomfort with every being of my body screaming for answers. I needed my story to be rewritten; I want a new name and a new life. I wanted to just disappear from this person they know to an entirely new one.

A young man in his mid-twenties was the minister that day and as he began to speak I felt river flow into the dry and thirsty ground of my heart and hope was revived. I heard of something that although I have always heard it, something felt different about today. I saw in a different perspective Christ that could heal broken heart; that was a friend of the wounded heart. I found myself at the altar and tears flowed freely as I met a friend that know and accepts me for who I am deep down. One that rewrites stories and transforms life and his mercy supersedes judgment. The potter whose hands remolds marred clay. Time will fail me to tell you who I heard Jesus is but what I found out was that no matter your past, he loves and accept you and can make life better.

I felt life, joy overflowing and I got answers to my questions. You too can get answers and your life story can be rewritten just as mine but that is only when you accept him. Thanks for reading.


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