Rewrite The Story

                                                                                    Favour Chidumebi Ononiwu

(Singing) Now it’s different, Yes it’s O so different now….. I was full of joy and life as I walked towards the hostel. The sister walking with me suddenly nudged me and whispered look and then I turned to see that all eyes were on me as I walked along the path. At first I became concerned but nothing could stop that joy that I felt and as they could not fathom the reason for my happiness at this point, I did not mind and continued singing.

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Forge Ahead

Sitting down taking stock about last year and what I want this year, all of sudden I felt this tug in my heart and like a whisper a voice said “why not forge ahead this year?” Ruminating on it, I said to myself, Last year I achieved things I did not dream of, I became a bit popular than I used to, I got portfolios if I was told I would get at the beginning of the year I would disbelief and even mock you for saying so. A lot of personal achievements last year not necessarily without flaws, lost some friends, privileges because of my attitude, made silly mistakes and sometimes I found myself making some plans to move yet not necessarily taking action but yet I will say I have gone far, saying that to silence my conscience.

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