Double D Last Episode

Chapter 4

Is Repair Beyond Reach?

Before meeting Dream, Decision rehearsed his speech over and over again so as not to spurn the opportunity he has been given. As he walked to the cafeteria where they both decided to meet, Decision offered a silent prayer to God for his friend.

At the cafeteria, Decision looked at Dream who sat across him with pity. He is face was drawn and haggard. He could hardly recognize him, the aura and brightness that once radiated around him was now replaced by a dim palled look.

After exchanging pleasantries, Decision was about to begin with the speech he has spent the day rehearsing when he noticed that Dream was just there in the body but he has wandered. After calling him for the third (3rd) time, he tapped him to get his attention. Dream felt a nudge as he jerked back to reality. His friend was staring at him. “Oga you don travel far o, wetin you dey think?” Decision said. Dream was speechless as tears rolled down his eyes.

After failing in his attempt to compose Dream, Decision asked him to come with him to his room. Dream agreed and as they walked by, students stared at them. They were surprised to see them together.

On getting to the room, Decision entertained and calmed his friend down. “So what were you thinking of?” asked Decision. Dream started to lament. “If only I was wise, I would have changed but now I cannot even make it out of this mess I am in. “It is not too late,  amend can still be made” Decision retorted.

Bro Dream said “you do not seem to understand my plight. What will happen to those people that look up to me? How will I win back the favor of lecturers? I know my CGPA is still good but that height I would have attained, I cannot now. I cannot even see clearly, all I see are clouds, the future is bleak, and I cannot forge a path. Decision waited to be sure Dream was true talking then he began. Hmmm!! Why are we friends then if I cannot help? That is why you have me. I will hold your hands and lead you to the right path.

For the first time that evening, there was a spark of hope as flame danced in Dream’s eye. After all that has occurred, you still willing to help me? Dream asked. “Of course” Decision replied. I really appreciate the kind gesture, I will surely repay you. Dream said.

The next day, Dream to the surprise of his lecturers attended lectures, sat in front with Decision. Some students snickered, saying he would not last. But Dream was determined to turn things around and with Decision sticking with him; he knew things were going to be better.

The two friends now having reconciled, could be found together. Dream cutoff every affiliation with Slothful so as not to be enticed again and within weeks, Dream had changed so much that anybody without knowledge of the past would not have been able to tell he went through a rough patch.

These guys walked and worked hand in hand and before long, people could see the two get better and those who said it would not last were left astonished at the progress they made. Time spent apart has done more harm than good to them both and with time ticking away, they had to make things right.

Their partnership paid off and the last two semesters they spent together, they had the best result. Decision for the first time got a Grade Point of 5.0 and he retained it the next semester to graduate as with total of 4.77 while Dream’s slump was arrested and he had Grade Point of 4.8 and 5.0 respectively to graduate with CGPA of 4.28.

“And that is why it is important to have Dreams and take Decisions because Dreams become blurred when it does not walk hand in hand with Decision. And you cannot wake up one morning deciding to reach the top without having a Dream and path to follow. You might make it eventually but you will not be as successful as one with a Dream. When they are left out of each other, they both suffer. So my dear students, as I welcome you to this great university, Dare to Dream, Dare to Decide. Thank you” The Vice Chancellor of Destiny University said as he walked back to his seat with rousing ovation given by the students.

                                                The End   

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