Double D 3

Chapter 3

The Downward Trend

Decision asked someone beside him to please check the result for the name he pointed to because it was unclear whose result it was. The person confirmed what he saw. His friend made a GP of 4.5, bringing his CGPA to 4.83. He was so excited, and he could not wait to share the good news with his friend.

As he was about to make the call, he stopped dead in his track when a thought came to him. He turned and walked away, unsure of what to do. He was happy for his friend but had this feeling of uncertainty about what the future held for his friend who might decide to continue. Deep down, he offered a quick prayer to God to change his friend.

Late in the evening, Decision called his friend and broke the good news with him. Dream was so happy and once again reaffirmed his promise that he would work harder. Decision was happy.

Dream eager to hear how his roommate had fared, called him. At the second (2nd) ring, Slothful picked up. After exchanging pleasantries, Slothful told him he had a CGPA of 3.79 while Dream shared his. Slothful was dazed and after a brief moment of pause, he said “you see, even if you read two hours to exams, you will still pass because you are naturally brilliant unlike that other guy Decision who needs to read repeatedly so as to pass. You do not have to be like him, he is too serious. Remember all books and no play makes Dream a dull young man.”  But Dream cuts in, “you know we can still have time to play after giving priority to our studies.” Hmmm, as for me anyway, I have decided to enjoy my freedom, you can do all you want but if you are ready to enjoy yourself, you can call on me. Slothful said and hung up.

On resuming, Dream had to decide either to stay with Slothful in the same room or go to Decision’s room. The allure of freedom he will miss if he choose to stay with Decision made him he choose Slothful. Decision was sad but his hands were tied and he could not do anything to help the situation.

Dream lived a very wildlife. He stopped attending lectures altogether, had chains of girlfriends, went against school rules. He was called to face the school panel numerous times, but due to the policy of the school that as long as you can pay your fee, you cannot be expelled, he was always let off the hook.

Just 2 years into school, he was a far cry from the student who everyone wanted to relate with. Due to his sheer brilliance, the basketball team retained him. The one time envied relationship between him and Decision was now beyond repair. Things deteriorated to the extent that they stopped seeing eyes to eyes and on Dream’s request, Decision was sent off the basketball team.

Decision sent notes, mails, and messages to Dream but was not dignified with an answer. On seeing this, Decision decided to steer clear of him too so that he will not get distracted but whenever Decision remembered his friend, he would shed tears but the deed had been done and Dream now was neck deep into his atrocities.

One faithful evening, Decision was putting some colleagues through during tutorials when Dream walked in with some friends and started disturbing the class. After politely asking Dream to leave for some time, Decision could no longer take it and for the first time, he said things he should not have said to his friend and publicly dissolved their friendship.

At the end of the second year, Decision had a CGPA of 4.72 while Dream had a CGPA of 4.5. Dream did not mind however and continued with his way of life.

The third (3rd) year began and they were miles apart. While Decision went from been a sidekick of Dream to developing much than he expected, Dream was falling off the rung of the ladder but was blinded by the enjoyment all around.

By this time, Dream stopped staying in school, rented a house outside the school premises where vices like drug intake, smoking, gambling etc. common to students was the norm. He was not seen at all in school except when he was to take tests or the Freedom Basketball team had a game to play and soon after, he would not been seen.

Dream on the inside of him, wanted Decision around him, wanted someone to advise him, needed somebody to bring him back on track but Slothful always reminded him that it will be a sign of weakness on his part and that Decision if he wanted him back would have come to him to apologize. This made Dream conclude that Decision truly has forgotten him. This was not true has Decision still craved for his friendship but did not want his good record to be tainted, abstained from him.

Towards the end of the third (3rd) year, both friends found themselves running against each other for the position of the Students’ Leader. Decision was the popular choice among serious students and the school administration while Dream represented the students who wanted to enjoy freedom. It was a tough one for both friends as they had to slug it out. After a long run, Dream won due to the large amount of supporters he had.

By the time results for the third (3rd) year came in, Dream’s CGPA was down to 4.08 while Decision maintained his CGPA of 4.7. Decision was worried for his friend but Dream was yet to wake up.

At the beginning of the fourth (4th) year, Decision knew if he did not do something soon, his friend will fall further and it will be beyond repair. Different thoughts and ideas crossed his mind but all were discarded by him. Not knowing what to do anymore, Decision decided to pour out his heart through his pen on paper as final appeal to his friend.

Decision penned a very long letter to his friend and went personally to deliver it to him. Dream was happy to see his friend but did not show it. Slothful told Dream not to grant him audience but Decision appealed to his emotion reminding him of their past and Dream later gave in, and ordered him to leave which Decision did happily because he collected the letter.

Dream contemplated discarding the letter into the bin but he was nudged deep down to read. So he opened the letter (don’t worry about the content , it’s Dream and Decision’s top secret) and before he got midway, he was sobbing and for the first time in almost 2 years, picked up his phone, called Decision and asked to meet him the next day by 4 if it was okay. Decision did a quick dance and asked why not wanting to sound excited. Dream said he wanted to talk so Decision agreed and a location was fixed.

Stay with me, as we find out if it is possible for their friendship to be mended, if Dream can reach the heights designed for him to.


Chapter 4

Is Repair Beyond Reach?


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