Double D 2

Chapter 2

Maintaining High Standard

Four (4) weeks into the new semester, Decision was still to resume. Throughout this period, the two friends kept in touch and were anticipating their reunion. Things were about to become different.

Dream had earlier acquired accommodation for both of them alongside some others. But due to his delay in coming, the hall administrator decided to give the bed space to another student. This was the beginning of a strained relationship between the two friends.

Slothful was Dream’s new roommate and unlike Decision was lazy and procrastinated. He skipped classes, always found lounging in the common room. Whenever he attended lectures, he would disturb and sometimes sleep off. He paid others to do assignments for him. This was disturbing particularly for Dream as there was no one to encourage him.

Back at home, Decision was getting reports about his friend’s new roommate and his friend’s lax attitude towards his academics and whenever they spoke, Dream always denied the reports coming to him.

By the time Decision resumed, it was halfway into the semester. By now, Dream who was punctual in attendance, comes in late and would be among the first to leave. Decision’s tried all he could to spend time with him but Dream always found a way to dodge.

Due to his natural brilliance, Dream could read and understand at once. Decision however knew he had to catch up with the rest of the class especially if he was going to reach the standard of the previous year. He stayed back after class to read and then stayed awake at night. Soon he caught up with the class. As soon as he achieved this, he set about to win back his friend.

Dream was in a dilemma. He wanted to mend his broken relationship with Decision but he knew that for this to happen, he would have to cut off his friendship with Slothful which he did not want to happen.

While eating one faithful day, Dream decided to keep both friends. He called Decision and told him he would change. Dream started attending classes; turn in his assignments on time, spend one hour after classes to put Decision through some things. Decision was glad to get his friend back on track.

However on getting back to the room, Dream would drop everything school, give excuses for not seeing Decision. On weekends, Dream would not pick up a book to read; he would attend parties and skip tutorials. He did this for two week and could not keep up with both lifestyles. He decided to enjoy his freedom to its full limit.

He stopped attending lectures. Slept all day and partied all night. He became worse than Slothful. Exams were around the corner, Decision pleaded with him to desist so that they would be able to read but Dream always said tomorrow.

By the time semester exams came up, Dream although brilliant knew he was not prepared. He crash read, stayed up late at night and it was like a little too late.

During this period, Decision never turned his back at him. He helped put him through some courses. He however warned him if it ever occurred again, that will be the end of their friendship. Dream wanting badly to pass agreed.

After the exams, Dream fell sick and asked Decision to help him check his result. Decision was happy on seeing his own result because maintained his CGPA of 4.8. on seeing Dream’s result, Decision was stunned. His mouth fell opened and it was as if time stood still. He could not believe his eyes, Dream of all people?

What did he see? What shocked him? Find out in

Chapter 3

The Downward Trend


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