Double D

Two friends find themselves in a foriegn land, where they are free to do what they want. They however decides to chase Destiny and were on track till something happened.
Find out in this short exciting, instructive and inspiring story.


Chapter 1  

Stars In New Environment

Like every other new session, Freshers or Jambites as they are popularly known always get admitted to various schools of higher learning. This particular summer, two young guys Decision and Dream were admitted like other students into the Freedom University.

They were both admitted to pursue after destiny. Like every fresher, these young men were happy to be away from home, free to an extent from checks by parents. Having joined seniors and colleagues in Freedom Square, they were soon integrated into the school.

 These young men found themselves assigned to the same room and were bunkmates. Immediately they formed a strong bond and soon found out they had the same mindset in relation to their academics and spiritual matters and whenever they were faced with any difficulty, the worked together knowing they could assail anything in fact their motto was “nothing is impossible as long as you can dream it.”

Luckily for them, they found themselves beloved in the sight of the Vice-Chancellor Almighty God. This made everybody in the varsity take special interest in them.

Without much ado, lectures began in earnest and they distinguished themselves as chaps with bright future destined for the top. Apart from been scholars, Decision and Dream were great athletes and at 6’1 and 6’2 respectively, they were soon drafted into the Freedom Basketball Team. As expected, a lot of students wanted to be friends with them but this however did not make them derail from their focus.

Spiritually, they were role models to others and were regarded as examples in all areas.

Days rolled into weeks and weeks rolled into months. With two weeks till end of their first (1st) year, these young men hardly had time to socialize. When they were not putting others through, they were found reading.

By the time the session ended and results were in, Decision had CGPA of 4.80 and Dream had a CGPA of 5.00. The person behind them had a Cumulative Grade Point of 4.50 making them undisputed leaders going into the second (2nd) year.

The Freshers award night was held and they dominated the event. They carted away 11 of 15 awards sharing it between themselves Decision 5 and Dream 6.

The last day for the session soon arrived and both friends now turned brothers, embraced then went their separate ways, promising to stay in touch.


Coming Soon…..

Chapter 2

Maintaining High Standards

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