I have known this for quite a while but today, A new light just dawned on it and I feel like sharing. Please read till the end.

For quite sometime now, whenever I wake up, I just have this feeling of not seeing anybody, get irritated easily, feel touchy. I know most of us know what this feeling is like. On my way to where I’m observing my attachment, I got a call from one of my mummies and we spoke at length.

 To cut long story short, by the time she hung up, my cheeks were warm and all of a sudden I was feeling so alive. You know why? She simply said “Son remember I love you.” I have been hearing this for quite a while, but today I real got a new meaning entirely about what Love is.

Unlike other days in a while, I got to the bus-stop all smiles, feeling on top of the world. Just before I got to the office, I bought puff-puff, turned and was about to go when I noticed an elderly man standing by the roadside eyeing the the hot puff-puff and I could tell he wanted one but could not afford it. I immediately without hesitation stretched out my hand that held the puff-puff to him. He collected it and I could feel in my spirit something I have not felt in a while knowing I had made him happy even if it was only for that morning (All to God’s glory).

Love is giving John 3:16. Giving your self, your time, a smile, a word, a helping hand to people. People that are not deserving, people whose status are above us, those whose status are below us, children, adults. It is making people happy knowing that their happiness is essential to your happiness. It is sharing knowing that you can only be great not by what you have, fleet of cars, number of houses you possess, your IQ, but by the amount of people you inspire, ones you reach out to, people you restore hope to when it seems bleak, those you help put smiles on their faces and most importantly people you give the Bread of Life. It is not even about been beautiful/handsome because real beauty lies in the heart that gives. 

However,     download.jpg  so decide to love, decide to give.

We might not agree on this, but this is straight from my heart, this is my definition of Love. Thank you


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