A very good friend of mine actually wrote this article and I really love it because it’s insightful. Please take time to read, God bless you.

Just like the people who built the tower of Babel, whose success was caught short because God saw strength in their understanding. Nigeria as a nation has refused to see its strength in living in perfect understanding with each other as a means to achieving anything.

 The 1914 amalgamation of NIGERIA was a landmark towards the bringing together of African most populated country, the bringing together of a Nation which is diversified in the composition of the individual that makes it up. Even though those behind the amalgamation never saw purpose beyond administrative easiness, but believe me, there is more and grater things to the amalgamation. Many people have seen the amalgamation as a marriage of inconvenience that should no longer continue. They believe in the fact that a country which comprises of over 250 ethnic group, with different cultures, backgrounds, languages cannot live together and we have not proved them wrong.

All over the Nation, we see community rising up against another, tribe against another, one ethnic group against another in a continuous rivalry war that has not benefited anyone. Should we say that this is Nigeria’s share of the end time prophecy? Nigerian has been soaked in the stream of conflict, aggression, and even war that has taken the lives of so many individuals. Have we not lost enough?

Flashback, during the Biafra war, ethnic division broke us apart and almost divided this one big united country, but here we are. But tell me who can put behind memories of the number of wasted lives, destroyed properties. Have we not learnt that ethnic divisions and tribalism only bring nothing but death and destruction? Have we not learned anything from the futility and emptiness that conflict brings?

A lot of people are suffering the after effect of various crises. They have been subjected to living away from their home, to live as refugee in a land that belongs to them. Is that what they really deserve?

This entire occurrence is related to the fact that we have refused to unite our differences and see ourselves as one indivisible entity. The ants as blind as they are, in unity, harmony and cooperation, achieve so many things because they move together and never allow anything to set them apart.

All Nigerians must understand that unity in diversity is a vital weapon towards building a Nation everyone will be proud of. Irrespective of our differences we see ourselves as one big family not subjected to ethnic division. God has created this Nation, shielded her in time past and will still shield her only if we humble ourselves and return to him. Should we not allow peace to reign? Should we not allow brotherly love to bring us together? Should we not allow harmony make us one?

On a final note, I charge you all to be the change we want to see, stand firm inspite of adversities and remember UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL. GOD BLESS YOU, GOD BLESS ME, GOD BLESS OUR FATHER’S LAND.



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