Positive Strides In Adversities

No matter who you are or heights you have attained in life, there are days when you are faced with challenges and problems. Sometimes too big and it seems the whole weight of the world rest upon you but what makes you is how you respond to them. Zig Ziglar said and I quote “tough times never last but tough people do.” Handle your adversity well and you live to tell your story to inspire others. I leave you with this story to meditate on.

A farmer owned a mule and after a while it got old and fell into the well. After assessing the situation, the farmer decided that neither the well nor the mule was worth the trouble saving. He therefore called his neighbors together and asked them to help haul dirt on the mule this was after telling them what happened.

At first the mule was disturbed and panicked but as the farmer and neighbors continued to shovel dirt on his back, a thought struck him. He suddenly dawned on him that every dirt shoved on his back was one he could shake off and step up.

So he shook and stepped. Before long, the tired and battered mule stepped out triumphantly over the well. What seemed like adversity that could bury him actually made him stronger and triumphant.

Don’t give up yet, SHAKE and STEP UP!!!!



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